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By Appointment.

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* Listed pricing is per person.

* ALL classes MUST be prepaid.

Non-refundable within 10 days of class.  Includes price of Course Workbook. 

Deposit:  $100

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By Appointment.

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Cost: $110 (couples)

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* 2-Students:  $85

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By Appointment.

Concealed-carry Certification: 
Learn the basic principles of firearm safety, handling and firing, as well as a foundational view of Florida Law, in a professional and comfortable setting.  This class will provide you with the necessary training to obtain your "Concealed Weapons & Firearm License" in Florida, as well as many other states within the USA.  Upon course completion, you will receive a Certificate to submit with your licensure application (required by the state).
Cost:  $55                                     

Important Notice:  ALL Services are by Appointment ONLY and MUST be Prepaid!!!                                                                     

Fridays and Sundays:    
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* Individual classes available! $175  

* 6 Private students ensures a substantial Price Reduction! 

Fundamentals in Pistol, Rifle & Shotgun:    
If you are new to the realm of shooting, or have been absent from the practice for a time, becoming intimately familiar with the foundational principles is essential.  Within the first session, you will be well on your way!  

Cost:  $75 (individuals)

Women-only Classes:    
Learn the fundamentals of shooting, in a non-threatening, supportive, knowledge-filled environment, where safety comes first! ... OR, get a group of 3-or-more women together, and we will hold a private Concealed-carry Certification Class.  Women ONLY please!!!  ​

Range Safety Officer Certification:

Additionally, we offer the NRA Range Safety Officer Course, so that you are well-prepared to become our next great Range Safety Officers!  During this course, we provide not only the in-depth education provided by the NRA, but also, incorporate the wisdom gained while engaged in the day-to-day, hands-on practice of BEing an RSO full-time, in both Law Enforcement and in the Private, Corporate Industry, for over 30 years.

Full Cost:  $210

Personal Workbook INCLUDED.  ($30 value)


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(6 students - required).

For Private Concealed-carry classes of 3-5 students!       * See BELOW for substantial price reduction for 6 or more students!