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Student /Customer Comments:

"Michael is many things.  He is one of the most gifted Reiki Masters I have ever met.  He is a truly phenomenal healer.  But he is so much more than just those things.  His heart is big enough to fill New York City.  He gives of himself, even when there is nothing else to give.  He has been my friend,  my mentor, my teacher and my brother for over 10 years.  He has been the example I have attempted to live up to.  Thank you Michael." -Pat M.

"I just took the CWP course.  The Instructor, Michael Coker, was amazing!  He took his time, and made sure all questions were answered, while keeping the class fun and hands-on.  I was expecting a boring classroom setting, but this gentleman didn't only have a very lively personality, but he knew his stuff and was very humble.  I would recommend everyone to take this course with him and you will not be disappointed.  Even said we could call him anytime, if we had further questions, and just made you feel at home.  This is a guy who loves what he does, and wants to make a difference in this world."
-Jordan M.

"Michael, I just wanted to express how much I gained from our private lesson yesterday. You are an excellent teacher, and your calm, confident demeanor set me at ease. I appreciate the way you stayed engaged through the whole process, though you've probably taught thousands of novices. I am looking forward to building on the basic skills you taught me."  -Cathy M.

"Last Friday, my dear friends got together with my other friend, who happens to be one of the best gun trainers and concealed weapons instructors in the country, to get their concealed-carry license.  Michael pulled it together in two days, which was a miracle, since people are going wild for classes and standing in 4-hour lines to buy guns.  I know I have spoken to many of you in the past about getting your concealed-carry license. In times like these, and frankly every day, I believe you should be protected".  -Susan

Concealed-carry Certification complete! One-step closer :)  Watch out ‘cuz here we come! Thank you Susan for referring us to Michael Coker, who was an amazing teacher! Highly recommend his services!  -Cari

Love that he does Reiki too! Where are the classes held?  -Melissa

"Michael Coker is the man if you want to take a Concealed-carry Course!  He is extremely knowledgeable, is very patient with inexperienced shooters, and just the right amount of funny.  He prepares the class with 'real-world' scenarios to challenge your thinking as it relates to the responsibility of carrying a weapon.  Michael did an excellent job of breaking down sections of Florida Law, so you understand current legislation.  If you need to carry and need to take a CWP Course, then go see Michael!"-Jeff L.

"I just wanted to write a review for the NRA Certification Course to become an RSO. Although, the course makes for a long day, the course instructor Michael, is excellent. He made the information interesting and enjoyable to learn. I highly recommend Michael if you are looking to become certified. 5/5 stars!!!!​"
-Scott C.

"I went to the range last weekend, at the recommendation of a co-worker.  This was my first time shooting, and as excited as I was, I was a tad nervous about not doing well, looking stupid, and not knowing what to do.  Michael, the Chief Range Officer, was beyond cool.  He was super helpful, and even gave my wife and me a mini-lesson on loading, shooting and safety ... all for FREE!  We had a great time, and can't wait to go back!" -Alex B.

"I Loved It!  Michael was great!  He made my first time shooting an enjoyable one, and even helped me be a better shot.  I will definitely be coming back!  Thank you, Michael!"
-Sara P.

"Mike is the BEST!  Took the CWP Class with him, and he had us learning and laughing.  While on the range, he has infinite patience and provides encouragement and support.  I took my first shot with Michael by my side, and he made sure I was comfortable and was safe.  We have gone back to the range many times, and Michael is always there with his amazing smile and encouraging words.  You ARE the BEST, Michael!"
-Bressy R.

"MIKE RULES!!!!!!!!!  See you soon, bro!"
-Lazaro T.                                                  Mike, you ARE the BEST!!!  Thank You! -D.Scott

"Michael is such a cool guy and very knowledgeable about his profession. I strongly suggest taking a class from him. You won't regret it! I am now really educated about how to read and understand the law and how to carry the gun. Thank you for your hard work brother. It was great to meet you!" -Onur

"Michael is the Real Deal!  He Lives, Breathes, and Embodies the Reiki Ideal.  His Zen Master style of teaching will have you opening up to BEing your True Divine Nature in 'no time.'  Be prepared to Fly Fast and Free with wings of Love and Light."
-Donna B.

"Michael ... WOW! ... I just want to say THANK YOU for your professionalism,  your patience, your protective pointers ... for assisting me and my son!"
-Anonymous Range Customer

"Michael Coker is one of the most knowledgeable training instructors I have trained with. His training skills are far superior. He makes sure that you understand what he is trying to bring across to you, so that when you leave his class, you are prepared for many situations. I would recommend taking any class offered by Michael Coker.  You will walk away with a wealth of knowledge when it comes to gun safety and shooting." -Jeffrey C.

"What an AMAZING experience!  I was quite pensive about taking the Concealed-carry course, and have put it off for a long time.  I guess I have been waiting for the "right" teacher (when the student is ready … the teacher will appear)!  WOW!!!  Michael IS an amazing person and a gifted teacher!  Thank you, Michael!"

"The reason Michael Coker is a brilliant teacher is because he brings in decades of life-experiences into his work. He is smart and dedicated, and knows his stuff.  He is the kind of personality that could convert Michael Bloomberg  into an advocate for CCW!  So far, I have taken the CWP class, a Private Pistol Lesson, and a Private Rifle Lesson with Michael, and I intend to take more.  Whether you are a nervous beginner or experienced Marksman, Michael Coker is the man you need to book to enhance your training."
-Roberto S.

"Michael was my instructor in massage school, is my Reiki Master and will always be my brother in this journey of life. He is an amazing, compassionate and loving human who will always strive for the best in whatever he does. I have been blessed to have him in my life. With Love, Honor and Respect."
-Nate A.

"Michael did my CWP Class.  He is Amazing!  If only he was my teacher in High School!"
-Mike P.

"Michael is a very cool and nice person.  He assisted us during our shooting session, which is not common in shooting ranges."
-Javier S.

"I have had the pleasure of taking Michael Coker's class, and I must say that he has changed the way I view my right to bear arms.  He makes you think before you act, and that is what teaching is all about.  So, if you are thinking about taking his class, STOP thinking and go learn how to think again!  Great Instructor.  I can't wait to take some advanced classes with him." -
Z. Scott

"Since being new to the field, I have been looking around for a range to call home.  The Chief Range Officer, Michael, made our experience an amazing one, and even gave us tips on shooting, since both my friend and I are new to shooting.  He picked up on that and came right over.  He also told me about a class that he teaches, that I will definitely be looking into.  I think he could really help me get better.   If you are new to shooting, Mike is the guy to see!"
-Andrew R.

"Michael is amazing, and everything they say about his being humble, kind and very knowledgeable is true!  This is the reason I go to (...), because of people like Michael being there!  Anyone can sell a gun, but excellent customer service in the 'industry' is severely lacking.  Michael exemplifies the BEST of everything!"
-Christian G.

"I received my Level-I Reiki certification from Michael. His class was educational and inspiring ... and I really enjoyed his down-to-earth teaching style of sharing his knowledge and experiences of Reiki. Due to the in-class hands-on practice, historical reviews and practical applications for Reiki, the training was well-rounded. As a medical professional, it has given me other options to traditional therapies, when caring for my patients who utilize holistic modalities."
-Marilyn M.

"Yeah Mike! ... He IS so awesome!!!"
-Anonymous Customer

"Mike is the BEST, amazing guy, top notch, extremely respectful and helpful person, every time I go into the Range.  He is one of the main reasons I like going into (...) so much."
-Herbie G.

"I urge anyone who has not taken lessons with Michael Coker to do so!  Self-defense is not a matter of 'pro-gun' or 'anti-gun', it is a matter of knowing how to take care of yourself and those you love.  Whatever fears you have about firearms, place them aside, and know that educators like Michael Coker will properly and safely guide you into a level of proficiency that you never thought possible.  And, for those who think they know it all when it comes to firearms, take a class with Michael and experience the joy that there is always more to learn."
-Roberto S.

"Well, just when I thought it couldn't get any better, my son, my Father and I were privileged enough to get Michael as our CWP Instructor.  He was more than an instructor of rules, laws and safety.  His philosophy on the responsibility of carrying and use of all types of weapons was very helpful, to say the least.  If more people take the program he is teaching, this would set the standard for the State.    Again, thank you, from my family and me. Sincerely."
-Scott R.