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ALL NEW:  Level I [8 CEU's]:  $195

Appointment  Times: [HERE]

*see below!

Michael is a Certified Shihan within two disciplines:

Full Treatment:  $65

  • Water4:35

First Thursday of Each Month.

 * I have been using and distributing them for years!  They REALLY do work!!!

Location: [MAP] 7pm

  • Gendai Reiki Ho (Eastern)

Level II Class:  $175                                  .... with 12 CEU's:  $250


What IS Reiki?  [Short]  [Long]



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Going within oneself provides deep insight, healing and comfort in these challenging times!  Usui Reiki has been practiced for nearly 100 years, and is known and loved world-wide.  Mental, Physical and Spiritual healing ARE the results of your realignment!  Experience Reiki for yourself, and you will 'see' that you have found the 'KI' to life's extraordinary adventure!  Traditional Usui Reiki  & Gendai Reiki Therapies are practiced and taught.

12 LIVE CEU's for LMT's​

Level I Class:   $150                                  .... with 12 CEU's:  $225

Master Class:  $425

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ALL NEW:  Levels I  & II [16 CEU's]:  $340​  (save $75)

* Weather permitting.

Chakra Activating & Balancing Wristbands [set of 7]: $50

ALL NEW:  Level II [8 CEU's]:  $220

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  • Usui Reiki Ryoho (Western)

Monthly Reiki Circles.

Defending america's freedom

* ALL CEU's are "Hands-On"!